Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentines 2013

This year for Valentines Day, I decided to channel my inner Martha. You can guess how well that went! I tried to make these cute lollipops, but mine didn't turn out quite as cute. Still perfectly acceptable as a four year olds valentines!

For teacher gifts I wanted to do something nicer than a generic box of candy. I saw these little glass containers marked down at Target and scooped up two. I filled them with kisses, and I'll tie a bow around them before gifting so the lids don't fly off. Now I'm just sad they only had two-I wish I could have one to store cute things in!

My apologies for the blurry/crummy pictures. I should know better than to take indoor pictures at night! But sometimes you really want to write a blog post that's not about a quilt. :) 

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