Thursday, April 19, 2012

Festival of Half Square Triangles, Part 1

I have made many quilts from half square triangles over the past few years I have been quilting. When I saw Megan's festival of Half Square Triangles, I knew this was up my alley! However, since I have been working like a madwoman to get ready for the babies' birthday party and to finish their birthday quilts (neither of which have half square triangles), I jumped in the not-so-wayback-machine to bring you two of my most recent favorites. (one today, one tomorrow)

A while back I made a Mary Englebreit quilt for my mom, who loves all things ME (I'll have to share that quilt sometime soon). While I was working on it I had a few squares leftover here and there. I pulled some of those aside, picking out green and red ones. I had also added in some squares from two of her Christmas lines, and I left out the ones that were uber holiday-ish. I had seen Rita make a quilt where she used prints for one side of the square, and a solid linen for the other. I love the way this looked! I used a solid off-white Kona (sorry, I don't know the color name) for mine.

Half Square Triangle

It is a good lap size, and holiday-ish without screaming CHRISTMAS!!! I really enjoy the print/solid combination and look forward to more iterations of that!

close up half square triangle quilt

I quilted straight lines on either side of the diagonal lines. I really like quilting like this - I feel like it gives more attention to the fabrics than the quilting.

I hope it is a welcome addition to my mom's holiday decorations! :)

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