Friday, January 30, 2009

Out of touch

I'm feeling out of touch with the blog. Ever since I found out I was pregnant (just over a year ago), the blog has been low on my list of priorities (rightly so, I think). But I miss the blog. I miss the conversations. I miss sharing what's going on in my life, beyond the knitting. 

So I'm taking back the blog. 

What's new? 

The Bug turned four months old last week (where has the time gone!?). She loves to laugh and giggle, she tries to put her whole hand in her mouth, she loves to nudge her socks off. She is really looking at and manipulating her toys now. She loves to "talk" to you and will roll from her back to her side over and over again. She holds herself up well on her tummy, but hates being there for more than a few minutes. She's still not sleeping "well" according to almost everyone, but we're getting there. Mommy going back to work and colds haven't helped. 

I told my principal today that I want to move back down to a lower grade and she took the news well. Hopefully there is a place for me still at my school - I would hate to leave. I also (because I'm nuts) started some graduate classes in reading this past week. I'm just getting a certificate, but it's 27 hours of graduate work. Two classes to start, and while I'm a little nervous about getting all the work done, I'm unreasonably excited to read my textbooks! Dork!

I haven't been knitting much this month, but I've had a terrible cold with lots of sinus pressure and ear pain that I can't shake (no medicine since I'm nursing). I am feeling better, so hopefully next month will be better for the knitting progress. 

I did decide that my LYS closing could be good for the stash - I'm much less likely to order yarn than to pick it up in a shop, so hopefully I can knit down the stash a bit this year. The only problem with that plan is that I want to make baby things and they don't use up much yarn! 

I did spend an hour or two in front of the sewing machine a few weeks ago trying to piece the quilt pieces I cut before The Bug was born. I'm just doing nine patch blocks, but I'm loving it. Hopefully I can successfully turn my pile of pieces into a quilt, as I may have already bought fabric for another. 

I made Christmas pjs for my girls this year and they were super cute, which has led me to want to sew more. I've got a pile of fabric for skirts for me, dresses for The Bug and more flannel for pjs. 

One thing I want to accomplish this year is to embroider and cross stitch more - I still need to post pictures of my cute kitchen curtains.

And finally, I put my first pattern in my ravelry store this week.  It is the Loopy Laces pattern that was my first design for the Ewenique Feet sock club last year. It's $5.00 and available through ravelry here:

Have a great weekend! Thanks for the daring egg suggestions - I hope to get one soon! 


  1. It's interesting how blogging makes me feel more connected than, say, participating on Ravelry. I'm glad you'll be blogging more - have missed you, but completely understand, what with the Bug and work and all.

    This winter has been miserable for colds. I hadn't had one for two years and I'm starting my second one. Hmph.

  2. Anonymous8:54 AM

    I'll be happy to read more posts, but I totally understand where you are coming from.

    I am about 12 weeks pregnant, and lately the will to do anything has just been sucked right out of me! I can't imagine it's going to get any better. ;)

  3. I have missed your blog entries terribly and am very happy that you have taken the blog back!!! Yay :)

    I have faith that you will do very well with your reading courses...I mean, look at all the stuff you knit?? you are a machine!!!

    Love and Kisses :)