Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I really have been knitting! Need proof?

Pattern: My generic 72 st sock with heel flap and gusset.
Needles: Chiagoo sz 2.25 mm DPNs
Yarn: Scout's Swag in Zuluknitty.
Dates: Um, September 2007-February 1, 2008.
Mods: none
Thoughts: I love these socks. I love the colors. I love how they sort-of stripe. I LOVE the base yarn. I've worn them twice and it'd be more if I did more laundry. Love. Go get some yarn people. Run! Now I really want to knit up my other two skeins of Scouty-goodness. Yum.

Pattern: Improvised hat - basic hat pattern with garter border.
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Superwash wool in the new tricolor.
Needles: Sz 7 or 8 Clover bamboo DPNs
Dates: January 2008-February 1, 2008.
Mods: Hubby really wanted an earflap hat, so that was the original intent. However, after I'd finished the hat part, and was going to go back and add the flaps, he decided he liked it the way it was. Voila!
Thoughts: Love this yarn too - so squishy!

Pattern: Fingerless gloves from Weekend Knitting - Ann Budd
Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Mist - about 1.5 skeins
Needles: Sz 7 or 8 Clover bamboo circulars
Dates: January 2008-February 1, 2008
Mods: None!
Thoughts: He seems to really like them and has worn them on the few cold days we've had.

Pattern: 1x1 ribbed scarf, inspired by all the other ones in the world.
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden, and I can't remember the two colors.
Needles: Sz 8 Clover Bamboo
Dates: October 2007-February 25, 2008
Mods: None
Thoughts: Don't know why it took me so long to finish, but I love it. My only complaint was with one ball of Silk Garden that kept pulling apart, leaving me with way too many extra ends. Wore it today and got tons of compliments. It really is pretty.

OK! Now that I'm all caught up with FOs, I wanted to share some fun with you. My LYS is having a retreat this weekend. All knitting, all the time. I'm really hoping to come home with some more finished objects. But a little wager has arisen. Apparently there is a pool to see how many projects I will bring. Funny, right?

In keeping with all fairness, I think y'all should get a shot at a prize too. So, you are invited to take your own guess, and the winner will receive a little goodie from the stash. To keep it fair, let me tell you that I currently have 40 WIPs. I hope to finish up two of those before we leave, but no promises. However, there is always the possibility that I will start new projects (at least I can admit this, right?).

EMAIL your guess to knitnlit AT gmail DOT com, with the subject line CONTEST. I will not open those emails until I get home on Sunday night. The contest will close at 4 pm CDT Sunday afternoon. Please do not leave guesses in the comments - I will see those, and I don't want to be swayed! :) And, if you know me IRL, you are welcome to play along too.

I think this post is long enough, perhaps I'll be back tomorrow to show you some of the new projects I've started recently, but it'll more likely be next week. Until then, happy guessing!


  1. I am going to go with 12, but then I have schlepped about 20 to my in-laws for a week away from home. I was a bit optimistic but that week turned into a month so I was set.

  2. Gosh, that's busy. With all those WIPs, even you may be starting to catch up!

  3. That scarf is gorgeous. Somehow, I see myself getting sucked into knitting one of those.

    Have fun this weekend!

  4. Wow! You are knitting. Great FOs; I really love the scarf. Your retreat sounds wonderful. I'm sure your FO tally will be in double digits.

  5. Wow -- great progress on the UFOs! Have an awesome time this weekend. Looking forward to your posts to see what you've done when you get back.

  6. Hey Jen,

    I emailed my guess to you as requested! I have just finished my first round of 20 rows on "YOUR" sock!!! I'm really enjoying the pattern. It's easy and fun..but looks like it was really difficult!! My favorite kind...Enjoy your trip and remember to be a little bit bad for me too...Hugs, Heidi

  7. 40 WIPs! wow! I love the scarf. It shines.

  8. Oh what FUN!!! I love them!

  9. 40 WIPs?!

    I feel faint.

  10. Have a great weekend! Lol, i thought my wips list was long!

  11. i can't even begin to imagine how many WIP's you have... your scarf is great, BTW. awesome color choices