Saturday, February 02, 2008

February goals

Well, I didn't manage to finish any more projects in January. We had quite a week with some state field testing, very strong winds (which blew the satellite dish out of whack twice - thank goodness hubby could fix it or we would still be without TV and be paying $80 to have it fixed), fires nearby, and cold. But I did make some good progress, so I'll have some FOs soon.

Let's recap January goals:
January Goals:
Finish Wicked (already done!) DONE
Seam Bow-knot cardigan DONE
Finish Hedgehog DONE
Finish Snowy Triangle Scarf DONE
Finish Noro Scarf NOT done
Finish Monkey Socks DONE
Finish Zuluknitty socks almost - need to knit the toe.
Knit 8 panels of Log Cabin Blanket 1 PANEL DONE
Finish back of Bristow, start fronts. BACK DONE, FRONT STARTED
Finish back of Cambridge jacket, start fronts. BACK DONE, FRONT STARTED
Finish back of Salina, start front or sleeve. BACK DONE Front Started
Finish 2 mystery knits. ONE DONE
Knit hat for hubbo almost done
Knit hat for hubbo's friend DONE
Knit fingerless gloves for hubbo need to be seamed
Start Rogue STARTED
Finish one Embossed Leaves sock 3/4 DONE
Finish one Child's First sock nearly done
Finish one of hubbo's ribbed socks 3/4 DONE

I managed to complete 10 goals, which isn't too shabby. I also knit one thing (the ladybug) that wasn't on the list, and worked on another project that is nearly finished that wasn't on the list. I'm pretty proud of myself, and glad I went back to the goal list. It helped keep me focused, without feeling pressured. And I did work on some other things, and I didn't finish everything, and that's OK. So, what's on deck?

February Goals:
Knit at least 8 panels of Log Cabin Blanket (take on retreat)
Finish fingerless gloves for hubbo
Finish hat for hubbo
Finish Zuluknitty socks
Finish Embossed Leaves socks
Finish Child's First socks
Finish at least one peppermint sock
Finish Devon
Work on Icarus (get through the repeats of chart 1)
Work on Rogue (up to the armholes?)
Finish one front of Bristow
Finish one front of Cambridge Jacket
Finish front of Salina
Work on Buttony
Finish Noro Scarf
Work on Isobel
Finish half of mystery knit
Finish one Solstice Slip sock

Hopefully I can get a lot of this done, especially as the LYS is hosting a retreat at the end of the month (a weekend of knitting! Woo Hoo!).

I also want to do something for Project Spectrum, so I'm going to try to finish my Solstice Slip socks in February and March for the "Fire" months.

I didn't finish up my first book yet (The Knitter's Book of Yarn), but I'm close. More on that when I'm done.

If I'm going to get all this done, I'd better get moving! Pictures soon!


  1. Anonymous7:59 AM

    That's a great list of goals! Good work on getting January's list done. I love making lists of goals. It always makes me feel powerful, positive, and industrious. I think I'll start a monthly list of goals, too, in addition to the weekly "to do" list I keep and the yearly goals. It'll keep both of the other lists going! Good luck with February and I can't wait to see your new progress!

  2. I always feel like such a slacker when I read your goals and accomplishments - wow!!

  3. You've made a lot of progress! I'm always amazed at the number of projects you've got in progress at the same time. Good luck for Feb!

  4. What an incredible list of goals!. I'm happy just to to wake up and get to work on time ;)

  5. I really should take a page out of your book on the knitting goals thing. Then maybe I'd actually finish something bigger than a hat. I am filled with admiration!

  6. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Wow! My head is spinning after reading your list of goals. You are awesome! I try to plan my knitting, but stuff keeps getting in the way. You inspire me to try again.

  7. I know you finished your Zuluknitty socks cuz I saw you wearing them on Saturday!!!!! Maybe I will start mine sometime soon :)

  8. Holy crap! Girl, you sure can knit. If I knit that much I'd have to quit my job and get synthetic wrists put in. Way to rock the yarn!!!

  9. Wow! I'm having trouble reaching just one goal...