Monday, October 29, 2007


For all my talk last week, I've managed to finish nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. I'm still close to finishing a few (and may actually accomplish that this week), but I didn't get anything of note done last week.

In all honesty, this school year is kicking my butt. I'm under constant scrutiny from my administration, I have the pressure of three state standardized tests weighing down on me, and the constant data gathering, benchmark taking, etc. on top of weekly day-to-day teacher tasks (grading, planning, meetings - and, well, teaching), mixed in with a new reading curriculum, and I'm exhausted. I'm lucky if I make it through 1, maybe 2 TV shows a night, and if I'm not in bed by 10, I'm a wreck the next day. (Man, I'm whiny.)

I'm also trying to get back in shape, so I'm getting up at the ugly end of dawn (4:45) every day to go to the gym before school. In an effort to make my family not the thing that suffers, my knitting is taking one for the team. Other than two socks that were really almost done, I don't think I've finished anything since school started two months ago.

I felt bad for a few weeks when I thought seriously about the number of projects I have going, (and one night I nearly had a heart attack when I counted them) but I've decided that if this is the way I deal with stress (as opposed to copious amounts of drinking) that this is the better choice. So cast on I will, and finish I might. I will try to refrain from buying more needles, in order to keep the WIP list below 100.

I know the blog's been boring for the past few weeks (few months if I really think about it), and I apologize. I really appreciate those of you who check in still, and leave a note every once in awhile. I know there's not much to see here, and there are many other blogs to read, and your time is valuable, so I feel unworthy that you spend it here (but I'm not complaining). I'm trying to stick to an every-other-day schedule, in order to motivate myself to do something. I'm going to not stress so much about the quality of the pictures in order that I might have a post about something.

There are several projects that you've never seen, so I'll try to dig them out every once in a while. I'm also working on a few secret projects, but I may tease you with them. I keep telling myself that there won't be a lot of Christmas knitting this year, but I told myself that last year, and that didn't stop me. So we'll see.

As Dory would say, I'm going to just keep knitting, just keep knitting, and if all I get is a few rows a night, someday it might equal a sweater. And if it's this winter, or next winter, I'll love it just the same. No pressure. Just knitting.


  1. Gosh, it's like we're twins separated at birth! I'm also working on an every-other-day schedule for posting, and trying to do stuff and all. I'm also working on getting it all together and running in the am. Yup, that early, too! Want to form a mutual-support society?

  2. I feel like I'm in the same boat as you. Can I join the mutual-support society? I'm teaching all new classes this year and have grading backed up from a week ago. I haven't really knit since school started, either. My knitting group was doing a block a month from the perpetual calendarto make an afghan for charity. I had to tell them to go on without me. I didn't have the time to do that. Plus, I'm sorta selfish. I would rather knit for myself if I'm going to knit at all. I've also been on the exercise kick. I've recently, mostly over the summer, lost 45 pounds, which I mostly credit to starting an exercise program for the first time in my 38 years. I've been trying to keep that up, but it's hard to find the time. I already get up at 4:30 and the kids' homework, activities, etc. take up the evening. Okay, am I whining? Just know that you're definitely not alone.

  3. Sorry your school year is a butt-kicker. My knitting has been taking one for the team lately too and it really sucks.

  4. No need to apologize to us!! Just hang in there - sounds like a brutal year. I hope that changes soon.

    Projects we haven't seen? Oh boy! :)

  5. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Wow, sounds intense. I like Dory's attitude... 'just keep swimming, just keep swimming', just keep knitting, knitting, knitting....


  6. Hey! Don't be so hard on yourself! You've got a lot going on in your life and knitting is knitting, whether it's beginning or finishing (if you know what I mean). Plus, your blog isn't boring. On September 25, 2007 I made you a medal for the most inspirational blog (knitknitknittyknit). I looked at a lot of blogs that day, so it's not like you didn't have some serious competition.

  7. Hugs to yuo, Jen! And I can empathize - the T.H.E.C.B. (ooh scary) is coming this week to interview all the faculty and observe us teach. Well, ok?! Also, my work is playing havoc with gym time, and I am certainly not getting up at the buttcrack of dawn like you are, so pat yourself on the back, bigtime!

    Three more weeks of shows then I get to see you all at knit nite again! Yay!

    Hang in there,

  8. Anonymous3:49 AM

    Hey, don't sweat it! I think we all go through periods where knitting takes a back seat to, well, life. I hope things get less stressful soon.

  9. Yes, the blogs are about knitting, but they are also about community and the "we're all in this together" spirit...sure I love to see what you've been working on, but I also like to just hear about you, even if you're going through a tough time. It sounds like a lot of people are having difficult school years, so you're not alone there for sure. Let us help encourage you. :)

  10. 4:45am???!!! No wonder you are tired! That's not even 8 hours of sleep. I would be a zombie. don't be so hard on yourself. Occasionally, knitting takesa back seat to life. That's the way it goes. The wheel will turn and all that stuff.....