Wednesday, October 10, 2007

All crawled out

Home from the yarn crawl/shop hop, and moderately caught up with school work, so here's a quick look at my goodies from the weekend.

We left from Hill Country Weavers, where I managed to only purchase two skeins of Nature's Palette in a chocolately brown. Such restraint!

Our first stop was Yarn Barn in San Antonio. A large combo shop of needlepoint and yarn, we nearly destroyed the book and sale areas (there were about 35 of us). I managed to score an Interweave I don't have in the sale bin, along with seven skeins of Rowan Denim for the Indigo Ripples Skirt. And well, that Trekking couldn't be helped. It's orange after all.

From there we headed to Yarnivore in San Antonio. This is a small shop in a strip mall area, but it is clean, well-lit, and the owner was very sweet. I did manage to find more yarn here I needed (shocking, isn't it?) Some Kraemer Tweed (cotton acrylic blend) that is more pink than the picture shows, and a pretty pattern book.

On to Boerne, where our first stop was Rosewood Yarns. A new shop that is crammed with yarn, and we completely took over. I did restrain myself from yarn here, but I managed to find three patterns and a beautiful needle-felted notions case made by a women's cooperative in Nepal.

A short jaunt down the street, and we were at Ewe and Eye. A charming shop, filled up with toys, needlepoint, baby items, and yarn. The owners were lovely to us, and I came away with another back issue magazine I don't have, sock yarn for the hubbo (to make up for being gone all weekend, and spending money!) and a 660 yard hank of the softest alpaca I've ever felt. It comes from Switzerland, and has no tag, so I can't tell you about it, other than to tell you to call the shop and get you some. YUM. I'm envisioning a wrap to wear in my classroom. Hubbo wants me to make him a pillow out of it. Ha.

And that's it! We didn't get to Bluebonnet Yarns in Cedar Park, or Stonehill Spinning in Fredericksburg, due to the tight bus schedule. Ah well, just another excuse to do it all again next year!


  1. glad you had fun this weekend! nice prizes.

  2. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Looks like you had great fun. What a bunch of great yarn!

  3. I need to go shopping with you. You always find such great things!! Enjoy! (And I hope you are having a better week).

  4. I am SO jealous! So thank you for sharing in your adventure! And yay on the Indigo Ripples - I really *do* wear the darned thing. Who knew?

    Have fun dear, and all my best to you and the YE crowd!