Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Making

Way back when we were iced in, we made this felt tree when we couldn't get out to get our real tree. Thank goodness for a stash - I had a large enough piece of green felt. Daddy made the star for the top of the tree and Samantha spent hours coloring and creating other ornaments (there is a huge family of gingerbread men), stockings and presents. It was a great activity for a day we were stuck inside!

We also used the same idea to make a small snowman the kids could 'build' out of felt pieces, but I failed to get a picture of it.

For classmate gifts this year I made peppermint playdoh for the little's class, and Samantha and I made these snowmen ornaments for her class.

I had seen the idea on Pinterest, and I didn't end up with enough time to embroider details, but I think they are still cute. Samantha chose all the buttons from my button stash, and I sewed them onto a piece of red felt (again from the stash!), and then blanket stitched another piece to the back to cover the sewing.

I also made Henry a stocking for the mantle. I used this cute vintage print that I picked up at MadTosh. I winged it, by tracing one of the other stockings, making two quilted panels, sewing them together, and finishing the top with bias tape. Voila!

Finally, the week before Christmas I saw someone post on Instagram a picture of the cutest flannel they had picked up at JoAnn. I had to stop by there anyway, so I looked for the flannel. They only had two cute prints left (and barely enough) - the snowglobes and the penguins. I debated what to do for the third pillowcase when I remembered this nutcracker flannel my mom had given me a few years ago. The kids LOVED them, and rushed to put them on their pillows right away. A good reminder that sometimes the simple gift is best!

There was much more making - I will have to split it into multiple posts!

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