Thursday, September 19, 2013

B is for Ballet, Balloons and Birthday!

Today is Samantha's fifth birthday! I really can't quite believe it. I'm excited about all that she is learning at school, and how much she has grown, but I want to keep her my baby too.

She had her birthday celebration at school yesterday, so she wore her B outfit.

B is for

In this case B was for Birthday, Balloons and Ballet! I made her a cute '5' shirt using some adorable Sarah Jane fabric with Balloons (because b, of course!).

B is for

B is for

And B is for Ballet, and the cute skirt I made using some of Ann Kelle's Girlfriends fabric. Skirts and t-shirts is one of her favorite outfits, so while I want to make her lots of dresses and tops, I know this combo will show up several more times during the sew-along!

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