Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baby Knits

I finally got some pictures of the things I knitted for our new little man! Nothing too exciting, but nice basics.


I made his blanket using a variety of Cotton Ease colors - some I had used in Ben and Ellie's blankets, and some 'new' colors. I based the blanket on the Tulip baby sweater. I did a seed stitch border, and then worked stockinette stitch for 11 rows, and knit row 12 to make the ridges. Then I changed colors. I did three repeats of the colors, and it could be a bit bigger, but it's fine. I ended with the seed stitch rows, and then picked up along the sides of the blanket and worked 8 rows of seed stitch there too.


I wanted a cute hat for his newborn photo shoot, and I returned to this old favorite. The pattern is from an old Debbie Bliss book - Kid's Knits for Heads, Hands and Toes. It is much cuter on him, but still too big, so no modeled pictures!


And a simple welted newborn hat out of some leftovers. This barely fit in the hospital, but it was cute and received lots of compliments!

Now to get all the sweaters I have planned for the kids finished!

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