Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Gifts for the kids

Of course, I made several gifts for our kiddos and my nieces/nephews and friends.

One big ticket item I made were dinosaur tails. I used this tutorial, which is great!


I made five tails and used two giant bags of poly-fil to stuff them all!

I also made 'letter' wall/door hangings for my niece and nephew. Somehow I only got a picture of one of them! I also want to make these for my kiddos as well. They were a nice way to use up cute scraps!

e is for

I made a tool belt for Ben and a baby doll quilt for Ellie, but failed to get pictures of those. I made two baby doll carriers - one for Samantha and one for my niece, using the pattern from Little Things to Sew, but also failed to get a picture of those!

Finally, I made this bag for us to use when we take small toys somewhere. I actually made this because my guild did a challenge. We all received canvas bags/pillow covers and we were to turn them into something else! There were some great entries! I did a sort of 'quilt as you go' technique to attach my fabric strips, resewed it together and added the zipper!

canvas front


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