Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Halloween dresses? In February?

Does that make me too early or too late?

Something else from the unblogged fall sewing projects are these adorable candy corn dresses that I made.

Toddler Candy Corn dress
(apologies for the wrinkles)

I saw an image of a dress like this on Pinterest, looked at the sellers etsy store and decided I could make it myself. I googled for a basic tutorial and used this one. I adjusted it to have three sections and cut each section out individually and sewed them together. I used bias tape around the armholes and made a simple casing for the ribbon at the top.

Baby Candy Corn Dress

For Ellie's dress I made a rough pattern from a dress we already owned. However it came out too tight in the armholes because I failed to add extra fabric for the ribbon casing. It was super easy to trace a simple shape like a dress and make my own pattern so I will surely be doing it again!

Perhaps they need some cute springy matching dresses?

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