Friday, October 07, 2011

Gearing up for KCWC

This is my first year to participate in the Kid's Clothing Week Challenge. I am planning lots of pairs of pants for Ben using Anna Maria Horner's adorable Quick Change Trousers from her book Handmade Beginnings. (Cute examples are herehere, and here.) How many pants is too many? I may have fabric cut for 6 pairs. Which is 12 if I reverse them. Ahem.
I am planning several skirts for the girls using Dana's excellent and easy tutorial. I think some skirts with cute leggings will be their fall/winter wardrobe.
I haven't done a lot of clothing sewing. I have made myself some skirts in the past, and I make jammies for the kids every year for Christmas. I used various patterns for these. In 2008 Samantha's bottoms came from Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones, and ran small. (I could barely get them over her bottom, and they were too short.) Taylor's came from In Stitches and they ran ENORMOUS.

xmas pjs 2008
In 2009 and 2010 both girls came from Weekend Sewing. They are still large, but not ridiculous. I'm pretty sure Samantha can still wear both pairs, though they might be a little short. 
2009 xmas jammies

xmas jammies 2010

I've also made Samantha a birthday outfit for each year. In 2009 her dress came from a Simplicity pattern (that I don't know the number to). It was huge. And the diaper cover would almost fit an adult. 
ladybug dress

In 2010 I used another pattern from Weekend Sewing. I had originally tried to use this pattern in 2009, but I could not get the elastic thread to cooperate. I finally was victorious and the result was adorable. 
Birthday dress 2010

I hope to use this pattern again. I know that an adult size version of this pattern is somewhere in my downloads folder, so maybe someday I'll have one too!

This year we went with a simple skirt and an appliqued shirt to match. 
3rd birthday outfit

I also made her a special 'first day of school' skirt.
first day of school outfit

I'm looking forward to making more clothes for the kids. It's such a great feeling to know that you are keeping them warm! I recently purchased Growing Up Sew Liberated, which has some adorable clothes in it, and Little Things to Sew. I'd like to get Sewing for Boys too at some point. 

I have some more fall/winter clothes planned, but pants and skirts first!

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  1. Jenn! I just realized you are back! And wow, you had two more babies, congrats!

    The kids are flippin' adorable and your handmade stuff is as great as I remember it. Can I ask where you got the boxes in the background of the Christmas photo from 2009? I need some of those!