Monday, January 18, 2010

Knitting Olympics

I'll have more to say about goals for this year in a few days. For now, the important decision looms - what to knit for the Knitting Olympics?

This year's contenders:

Must-Have Cardigan: Pros: Yarn in stash (yay!), Has been in queue FOREVER. Cons: That's a LOT of cables.

Fair Isle Cardigan: (I know there's no picture - apparently no one has ever made this!) Pros: No one has made this yet!, I like the side-to-side construction, it is fair isle. Cons: No one has made this (yikes!), I'd have to order yarn, I'd like to lengthen it.

Abstract Leaves Vest: Pros: So pretty. Fair Isle. Cons: Have to order yarn. Steek!

Rowan Fair Isle Cardigan: Pros: Very cute. Have 1/2 the yarn. Cons: Need 1/2 the yarn, would like to convert it to be knit in the round which equals steek. Yikes.

Thoughts? I cannot decide. I really want to use up stash, but I know cables take me longer than fair isle. What to do?


  1. Must-Have Cardi! :)

  2. I agree with Chris.

  3. Steeks are no big deal -- and they make the knitting go faster, which is an issue, Olympic wise.

  4. I vote for the abstract leaves. But that could be me projecting onto you - I want to make that vest! :)

  5. Must Have! I've had that thing queued forever, and this might just be the year I get to it, so I want some reinforcements, er, company ;)