Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Project Ideas and a contest!

I've got more FOs to post, but tonight I need your thoughts. I really, really, really want to do the whole knit a sweater a month for a year, but that's probably just a smidge unrealistic since I have a baby who might demand some attention. I may however, still try, 'cause I'm nothing if not a follower and I have the yarn for at least 40 sweaters in my stash. Yikes. 

But, to "console" myself, I'm going to take on two other projects. For the first project I'll be pulling single balls (or two) of yarn out of the stash, matching it with projects, and bagging up 12 projects, (one for each month) to open the first of the month and knit up. I have the yarns and projects chosen for this venture. 

The second nutzo project will be 12 months of socks. I'm narrowing down my list of sock yarn, but I have too many projects in my ravelry queue to choose. So I need your input.  The yarns I'm considering are listed below. Choose one yarn and pick a sock pattern to go with it. Leave your suggestions in the comments and I'll randomly choose a winner. And no plain old socks - I knit plenty of those. I want patterns, people! Contest closes at midnight CST Friday night. Thanks for your help!

Socks that Rock Lightweight - varigated
Chewy Spaghetti - varigated
Cider Moon Icicle - varigated
Colinette Jitterbug - solid
Fleece Artist - varigated
Hazel Knits - solid
Knitterly Things Vesper - striping
Koigu - varigated
Madelinetosh - solid
Malabrigo sock - solid
ShibuiKnits - solid
Wollmeise - varigated
Yartini - varigated/striping
Zen Yarn Garden - varigated


  1. Colinette Jitterbug - Embossed Leaves by Mona Schmidt in Interweave Knits, one of my favorite patterns.

    I love your monthly project ideas!

  2. Malabrigo sock - Snicket Socks (see my Ravelry queue). They're on my list.

    I'll be joining you with the 12 socks this year - got them all bagged up already!

  3. May I pimp my own pattern? I designed my [a href="http://www.ravelry.com/projects/wenat/mitered-windowpane-socks-2"]Windowpane socks[/a] (ravelry link) for a problem skein of Socks that Rock. I knew that it might pool or flash, and I wanted to see if I could come up with something else for the colours. I tried one mitered square, and then another, and before I knew it, I had a cuff. (I can get a bit obsessive when I'm doing modular knitting.)

  4. I can't seem to just choose one yarn and one pattern.

    Knotty or Knice Socks from IK Fall 2008 in Malabrigo sock.

    Aquaphobia Socks in Wollmeise or any highly variegated extreme pooling yarn.

    Persephone's Socks in Madelinetosh

  5. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Shibui Knits would look fab as Brigit by Monkey Toes. (See my projects on Ravelry. I'm meezermeowmy there, too.) They're one of my all-time favorites to wear, and a lot of fun to knit.

  6. Wow, what a stash you've got! I think you should make the Bellatrix Socks by Monkey Toes with your Cider Moon Icicle - varigated (they're on my list of socks to knit this coming year, too).

  7. How about Maelstrom for the Malabrigo or Shibui?

  8. i would love to knit the http://www.ravelry.com/projects/AShrillCaramel/stripey-socks socks in one of your solid and varigated yarns. I think it would be fun to see the progression and kind of a mystery as you knit along. Cannot suggest which yarns for sure as i cannot view the colors! Smile Have fun, quite the challenge!

  9. For any of the solid yarns, the "Through the Loops" Mystery Sock. It's a great looking sock, knits up quickly, it can be made with or without cables. It's on Ravelry - look at my projects page - greyknitter for the FO and link to the pattern.

  10. Sam did a pair of socks using Noro Sock yarn (pulled from both ends) to make these amazing striped socks:http://sticks-strings.blogspot.com/2008/11/noro-roadtrip-socks.html

    I know you said no plain socks but these socks don't look plain At. All! I was thinking one of your solid yarns stiped with one of your variegated yarns - killing 2 birds with one stone! (Or 3 birds - using new pattern, making a pair of socks, using 2 yarns)

  11. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Oooh! OOOh! OOOH!

    I made Groovy Socks earlier this year with my skein of Vesper and LOVE the way they turned out. Great pattern. Fun socks. And they get me nice compliments, too.

  12. Anonymous9:31 AM

    All these socks look so yummy! Colinette Jitterbug - Nancy Bush Little Child's Sock

  13. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I'd go with either the Colinette Jitterbug or Malabrigo and make something with cables - The first 2 that come to mind (I haven't made either, but am going to soon!!) are Naive Socks and Brigits both free and gorgeous!

  14. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Hmmm... Maybe the green colinette jitterbug as gentleman's fancy socks or cider moon icicle as #10 ripple weave socks.
    Definitely at least one of the beautiful cable patterns in your queue- but which one! It is too hard to choose.

  15. How fun! If I were in your shoes, I'd do a toeup sock with your Jitterbug, so you can make the most of those smaller skeins. I'd recommend the Marigold sock by Pamela Wynne of flintkints. Of course, my other favorite for variegated yarn is Mad Color Weave by Tina Lorin, so I'd match up some STR with that if you prefer top down.

  16. Wollmeise - Brigit by Monkey Toes

    My absolutely favorite pair of socks, both to knit and to wear. You can see mine on the Brigit pattern page. Then take your Mad Tosh solid and knit them again!

    I'm on a sweater jag at the moment. Not sure I can do one a month, but close. Take advantage of your time now before La Bambina begins to walk.

  17. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Use any of the solid yarns to make the Rivendell Socks.

  18. Sweetpea http://knitty.com/ISSUEsummer07/PATTsweetpea.html
    would be a lovely pattern to knit with ShiBui or Colinette.

  19. How about Pablo socks (http://www.theinsideloop.com/Issue4/Patterns/pablo.html) with the ShibuiKnits?

  20. I have two ideas. Either the Woolmiese or the STR with the Fawkes pattern or the STR with the Spring Forward pattern from Knitty.

  21. I'll even suggest a month! Make your February socks from the Zen Yarn Garden and use the True Love Socks by Thayer Preece for the pattern! :)

  22. Fun contest. I'd love to make the Anastasia socks and I guess I'd use Koigu.

  23. I think that hourglass socks in the latest Knitty using Yartini would be great!

  24. Anonymous11:13 AM

    How about the Nine-to-Five Socks for the Shibui or any other of your solids? As for the variegated, I'd pair one of them with Catherine as I think the texture would work nicely with the variegation. (It would give something similar to what I did with this scarf - the pattern very nicely broke up the variegation into small stretches of one colour in the stockinette portions, and dots of colour in the seed stitch parts.)

  25. Brenda Dayne's Pembrokeshire Pathways socks (http://homepage.mac.com/jeffhaywood/craftsanity/page27/page27.html ) are so gorgeous, as are the Scherherazade socks ( http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/scherherazades-slippers)

  26. I really like the Interlocking leaves pattern in the new Knitty. I'd do it in a solid color to accentuate the pattern, so maybe the jitterbug

  27. I absolutely love the Baroque sock pattern and I would do it in the Colinette Jitterbug. Definitely.

  28. I'd love to do the Cable Net socks from the Fall 06 issue of Knitty. I'd definitely do it in a solid color - probably the Hazel.

    Fun contest

  29. Anonymous2:23 PM

    How about the Chevrolace pattern? I think that is simple enough to stand up to a variegated yarn like Chewy Spaghetti.

    12 pairs of socks and I can manage to finish more than one.......

  30. Anonymous2:47 PM

    I see someone else suggested Baroque, so I'll second that suggestion. I'd do them in the Shibui.

    Very very ambitious.

  31. Malabrigo (or any solid or semi-solid) would look great with this lace - (not my original stitch pattern, but "sock recipe" is on my blog) - enjoy!

  32. Hazel Knits-- Marilinda, by Cookie A.?

  33. Hazelknits and Child's first sock in shell pattern from Knitting Vintage socks!