Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Random Wednesday

1. Computer is still broken. Pictures are still inside it. I do have some that I already uploaded to flickr (finished knits), so I will have some photo content at some point. Soon I hope.

2. Teachers reported back on Monday. Boo Hiss, summer is over.

3. My classroom, which I spent hours setting up in June, as I knew I wouldn't be able to move furniture in August, had EVERYTHING removed and then dumped back into the room. And two tables, my rocking chair and a bookcase are missing. Another bookcase is broken. Grrr.

4. It is taking me FOREVER to set up my room, due to #3, my hugeness/slowness, and the fact that hubbo now works on the other side of town and can't just run over after school to help.

5. My principal is making me team teach and I don't want to. :(

6. Baby is head-down! And there was much rejoicing!

7. Baby's room is nearly ready - all we really need is a mattress for the crib, and some pictures hung on the wall. Two showers this weekend should take care of the little odds and ends we're still missing.

8. Saved 30 cents/gallon today thanks to my MILs Tom Thumb card. Yippee!

9. Knit my dishrag, mailed it off the next day for dishrag tag. Haven't knit a stitch since, and won't probably until knitting tomorrow night.

10. Have a baby sweater and a sweater for me waiting for finishing. Don't want to seam.

11. Have fabric washed and ready to sew a baby dress and cloth wipes. No time to sew.

I'm sure there is more I wanted to share, but I'm exhausted. So glad there is no more gymnastics or swimming - I can go to bed early tonight!


  1. When are you taking your maternity leave? I remember how uncomfortable I was teaching at 8-9months pregnant.

  2. I hope you can scrounge up someone to help you get that room back in shape! And when do you go on your leave?

  3. YAY for head-down babies!!

    You crack me up with your Olympics comment...just last night I was hollering at the TV for the beach volleyball chicks to HURRY UP for the love of God and WIN, so I could go to bed!

  4. Awww! That sounds so familiar about the trashing the room during the summer:( Bad, bad principal, team teaching can be miserable. It can also be fun with the right person. I have one period where I team teach, but I have a great partner.