Friday, April 11, 2008

Rotten Eye Candy

What we're dealing with this week. Two days, and no sign of the power company who are supposed to come get the tree off the power line. Thank you Texas storms. (And of course, it wasn't the two dead branches on the other tree, nor any of the branches that just needed to be pruned. Of course not.)


  1. Yikes! Well, um, at least it missed the house?!

  2. Looks like my yard. We have a huge tree with a 3-prong trunk, and one of the trunk sections split and fell...into a bunch of other trees. It's going to cost a bazillion dollars to get rid of it. Bleh. Thanks, Mother Nature!

  3. We were lucky enough to have the wind blow down our fence this winter. At least we got a new fence out of the deal.