Sunday, January 06, 2008

And another!

It's all FOs all the time!

Pattern: Bowknot Cardigan from Classic Elite City Park booklet
Yarn: Classic Elite Flash - 7 skeins
Needles: Sz 7 Clover bamboo circulars
Dates: July 2007-January 2008 (though the knitting has been finished since November, it's just been sitting, waiting to be seamed.)

Mods: I lengthened the body about an inch
Thoughts: Fairly simple, straightforward pattern. No excellently written, but I could figure it out since I've knit other sweaters.
Best thing about this project? It's done too! Even though I can't wear it for a few months.

Sure would be nice to keep up this pace of finished sweaters, but alas, these have been close to done for a bit now. I'll keep plugging away at the others on the needles, and see if I can finish more sweaters this year than last year.


  1. That WIP list is just melting away!

  2. It's so pretty - especially the close-up shot of the stitch pattern. Feels good to tackle those long-standing UFOs, huh?

  3. It looks lovely, Jenn!

    And I have a confession, in view of my admiration of your seaming efforts, however reluctant:

    I love knitting. I hate (and am fairly bad at) seaming. There, I said it. I salute you!

  4. Pretty pattern and looks very practical:)