Tuesday, September 04, 2007

FO: Swirly Socks

Pattern: Generic top-down over 72 stitches
Yarn: Madelinetosh Sock in Ginsing
Needles: ChiaGoo 2.25mm DPNs
Dates: July-September 1, 2007
Mods: n/a
For: Me!

Thoughts: I'm not a fan of the pooling. I love the way this yarn looked in the skein and in the ball, but I just don't love it knit up. I have gotten over some of my dislike of the pooling, since the socks are a) finished and b) very soft, but I wish the whole sock could have been pretty and striped like the heel and toe. Even if the swirl had continued, I would have enjoyed it.

Another pair done! This puts me at 10 pair for the year, a bit under my goal of two pair per month (OK, a lot under). But with over 10 pairs on the needles, I'm hopeful that I can catch up.

And while we're accounting, I only managed to use up 6 balls of yarn in August, and I took into the stash 11. Who am I kidding at this point?


  1. I hate when yarn that looks so pretty in the skein turns out to be disappointed when you knit it up. I don't think the socks look bad at all, but I see what you mean - the stripes on the heel looks so pretty!! They would look gorgeous on the whole sock.

  2. You know I don't think the pooling looks bad. I think its one of those thigns that annoys the knitter more than it annoys anyone else.

  3. The thing I love about pooling is that the heel almost always shows you how pretty the colors would be together if they weren't pooling. Cruel sock yarn.

  4. Hmmm, I see what you mean. The colors are still really gorgeous, though.

  5. I love the heel!! Heh, maybe it's time to stop tracking that stuff... :)

  6. I like the pooling! I certainly do understand loving a colorway on the skein but not knit up.

  7. what type of heel did you use?