Monday, April 09, 2007


Thank you all for your good thoughts - it's so nice to be able to get it off your chest, and receive wonderful words of encouragement in return. Though Friday my work life got a bit worse, my weekend was wonderful and surprisingly restful. One of the main reasons? I started a new job.

No, I didn't quit teaching - I added a part-time job. Before you think I'm nuts, you should know that it's at my LYS. Yep - I get to hang out with yarn once a week, for a whole day! I'm excited, but the job is bittersweet - my dear friend, and fellow knitter Jen is moving to Boise, and I'm sort of taking her job. I wish it were under different circumstances.

Combine a crappy week with a day at the yarn store, and what do you get? Purchases, of course!

Enough Nashua Ecologie Cotton to make the Surplice Lace Top (the one I blogged about here),

and a yummy new Lexi Barnes bag.

Expect more purchases to follow soon......

In other news, my ball of orange Andean Silk arrived today - off to try to finish up Hourglass!

Oh - and it did snow Saturday! Nothing stuck, but there were big fat flakes falling from the sky on and off for a few hours - very bizarre!


  1. Is that the color of Ecologie Cotton shown in the pattern? I have yarn for that top too - very cute.

  2. What a cute bag. Is it a craft bag?

  3. What a perfect part-time job! Your stash is going to be greatly enhanced. Sorry your other job is yucky. Can't wait to see your Hourglass. I'm still waiting for the book ILL. Strange because dozens of libraries in the area have it.

  4. Nothing like yarn therapy to make everything better. And how great to get to hang out in a yarn store all day . . . and get paid!!! Love that new bag. :)

  5. Jenn -- I could never work at the LYS -- I'd never have any money and WAY TOO MUCH yarn (is there really such a thing for us knitters?).....

    Please post when you're done with the Surplice top, I love the yarn you chose.

    Happy knittin'

  6. I hope the new job gives you some relief from the regular day job; yarn therapy is awesome.

    Looking forward to seeing that new top!

  7. That is a seriously gorgeous top. What weight of yarn does it call for? I have some cotton yarn needing a project, and that top is just calling me.

    Sorry about your bad day. Hope it improves!

  8. Wow - try not to spend all your new money on yarn!

  9. Talk about a dangerous job! When I worked for a bookstore, I never did have a net gain in income..

  10. I heartily approve!!! I love both the Ecologie Cotton, and that bag caught my eye, too. I am glad you bought it...better your Visa than mine! Mwahaaa! (evil laughter)

  11. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Congrats on the part-time job. Yarn therapy is wonderful in any shape or form.

    I've seen that Surplice Lace Top knit up at a LYS. Love it!