Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tour de Provision Topographique du Conte

LYS Tour (apologies to all for my French. It's been awhile).

So yesterday my friend/long-lost twin/fellow knitter Jen and I headed out to our favorite LYS Simpatico Yarns in Bedford. While they don't have a huge selection, they are very nice and my DH braved the yarn to buy me a GC for the BDay. Had to spend it, right?
En route, I remembered that they are closed on Monday :(. We reevaluated, discussed the option of Hobby Lobby/Michaels/JoAnn's, but she really wanted to get "real" yarn for the next project. We didn't want to drive to Plano, so against my better judgement we headed for Yarn Heaven.

WARNING - If you don't want to hear a LYS horror story, stop reading now.

When I called DH to let him know of the change in plans, he said "oh, your *favorite* (insert sarcasm here) place.

Let me back up - a few months ago Jen and I visited here. I wasn't terribly impressed. The yarns didn't seem to be arranged in any sort of fashion, there was A LOT of "fun" yarns, and many of the items on display looked like they might be older than I was. I wasn't really impressed with the service also, and the prices seemed kind of high. Also, they practice "minimum purchase" rules - you must spend $25 to use your credit card. This is against Visa/MC's rules (and after yesterday, I'm thinking of being a tattle tale).

I then read many reviews of the store, I found that my sentiments were not off base. And, I found out that my kiddo is NOT WELCOME even though she is learning to knit! Why would I shop somewhere that doesn't allow kids to follow their creativity?

So. We go. They've rearranged things. It seems easier to shop (though not cheaper!). We're not really helped, but in their defense, we did say we were browsing. Jen goes to check out (I can't buy the one skein of Lorna's I wanted, as I didn't have cash ($25 rule) - their loss, things go downhill. It takes FOREVER for the employee to get the system up and running. Then she can't find the "number" on the yarn to enter it (I assume so they can take it out of inventory). Then she rings up 5 needles (instead of 4) all at the same price (although they were all different). When Jen points this out, she says "Oh, the 5 is for the yarn." Jen has to show her that there are 2 fives. Then they don't take AmEx. Then they can't get her card to swipe, so she took it as a sign and we left. With nothing.

Also, while we were there, an elderly woman came in looking for help finding a pattern for a shrug/bolero. She kept trying to describe the item, and all the employee did was hand her "Wrap Style" and her binder of patterns. The woman kept trying to explain what she wanted, and the employee said "Yeah, those are popular. You might look in a magazine." So. Helpful. Then she went right back to mopping, only half listening as the woman kept trying to explain. Eventually she left too. Empty handed.

We got outside and Jen said "We're never coming here again." I agree.

I hate to bash a place that sells me crack, er fiber, but I feel like y'all should know before you go!

However, I am happy to say that we had a much better experience later. We tried to visit Jenningstreet yarns in FW (no website), but the door was locked and the sign said "back at 10." But it was 1. So we headed to Cabbage Rose.

I've been here a few times, but never bought anything. They had a little bit of yarn, mostly Noro and other items out of my price range. But they've changed. The knitting section is now quite a bit larger, and hopefully will continue to grow as they apparently just bought the space next door. They carry all the Debbie Bliss, Rowan, Noro, Adrienne Vittadini, some Mission Falls, Classic Elite, Sidar and Regia. They have a lot more needles and notions (all noticeably cheaper than Yarn Hell and some even cheaper than Joann's!). They also carry the Rowan and Noro and Debbie Bliss books/mags (and they have a bunch on sale right now! Rowan for $5! Run!). They didn't seem to have an employee that was "in charge" of the knitting area, but all were very friendly and helpful (and I LOVE their fabric. Makes me drool). I'm hoping that they continue to expand (esp. b/c this store is VERY close to my house), and keep their prices so good.

So, what did I buy? Only this. But how cute?! Found at Michael's (waiting for Yarn Hell to open) for $1/each.

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