Sunday, August 07, 2005

The finishing line

Fiery Bolero
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So, today brought the arrival of not one, but TWO finished objects! Yippee!

First to be finished was the lovely Fiery Bolero, seen here with the dress it is planning to be worn with on Friday.

Pattern: Fiery Bolero by Debbie Bliss - Summer '05 IK
Yarn: Knitpicks Shine in Blush
Needles: Clover Bamboo Circs - Sz 3 for edging, Susan Bates Circs - Sz 5 for body.
Started: July 29
Finished: August 7
Mods: none

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this yarn. It is sooooooooo soft. And pretty pink. It did "shed" a bit, but nothing major. I only ended up using 4 1/2 skeins, not the six the pattern called for. The extra yarn will be used to make this for some friends who are adopting a little girl from China later this year. DH really wants a cute hat for her, and when I found this pattern, we couldn't resist. I am going to sub yellow for the brown in the pattern and add some duplicate stitches for sprinkles.

I liked this pattern - it was fairly easy to follow and I liked that I only had a little seaming to do. I'd love to try to modify the pattern into more of a sweater, but I'm not sure I'm that good yet! I'd settle for long sleeves and having it come down a bit further, which may be doable. We'll see. I have plenty on my "what to knit" list.

Sophie is finished too, but I'm saving her photo op for tomorrow - hey, I have to spread out the blog fodder here!

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  1. a cupcake hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please let me be having a girl so i can have you teach me how to make a cupcake hat too! what kid doesn't need a cupcake hat! ahhhhhhhhh!