Sunday, August 14, 2005

Birthday Week, Day One

So some background. DH and I have birthdays back to back (8/16 and 8/17) and we always kind of felt like our birthday was lost in the others. We only had one family birthday dinner, only one "out to eat" birthday dinner, and sometimes exchanged gifts at the same time. To combat this, we decided this year that we would have birthday week.
Birthday week begins today, Sunday, with family dinner, and ends Saturday with a big party at our house. To keep the excitement going, we get to open one present every day from each other, and those from others as we see them, and on Saturday.
Because I know y'all care, I'll share the riches with you each day.
Today, from my FIL - $25. Hmmmmm, which knitting book/yarn to buy?
From my SIL and BIL (for both of us) a big George Foreman Grill (which, frankly, we might exchange)
From my MIL (and it's a great haul b/c DH picked out everything): This which I already have and will be exchanged for this(probably). I also got this which I've been wanting. I loved the first one. I had to pry this out of my BIL's hands when we left. I also got this which I am excited to read, and will probably start tomorrow. And finally, the piece de resistance, this which is one part joke, and one part actually enjoyable. The band is made up of members of this band who wrote this song which DH and I quite enjoy.

And, from DH, who indulges my whims and general weirdness, tickets to see the one and only. One for me and one for my MIL (who also has a soft spot for him, and unlike me, has gotten to see him before!). Words cannot describe how excited I am to get to see him (and sing along, of course!). Now to find a spangly shirt to wear......


  1. Happy Birthday to you and DH! My parents actually have the same exact birthday - February 2! Different years though.

  2. Jules6:34 AM

    you got neil diamond tickets!! you didn't tell me that!!