Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Haircuts and Humpdays

DD's Knitting Picture
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Ahhh, how nice it feels to have all that hair off of my neck! DD and I went in for our "back to school" cuts today - hers is about 6 inches shorter (and very cute) and I just got a trim.

Having trouble facing the idea of work today....

Could not get excited about knitting last night. Tried to work on DH's sock while watching "Twin Peaks" Season One (from the netflix), but could not get interested in either. (I never saw Twin Peaks in its first incarnation b/c the parentals didn't allow us to watch such things. People have been telling me to watch it for years. It's just not my bag baby.)

So I cleaned the house instead. At 11 pm. Because, as DH put it today "You're a woman. You're nuts." Thanks, dear.

I did find and organize some of my loose patterns and clean up the yarn stash (some new additions hadn't gotten properly stored).

On Sunday, during the finishing spree, I finished reading "Relic." It was quite enjoyable. Now I am faced with a difficult decision - continuting reading "Middlemarch" or start something new......hmmmmm. Need something portable to read at work tonight too.......

Oh, I almost forgot. DD drew this picture for me sometime last week. Those large green sticks are the knitting needles and the blue blob is the knitting. She put it in that little frame that I gave her a few years ago. It now lives on my desk. The back of the picture says "sticht."

Fighting the urge to start new project.....

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