Wednesday, February 05, 2014

WIP Wednesday

This week I've been busy binding that pile of quilts I got basted a few weeks ago. And I wanted to ask - do you buy your backing and binding when you purchase the rest of your fabric? Or do you buy things you think will make a good binding/backing for something, someday and just choose from your stash when you need something? Sometimes I purchase backing when I plan a quilt, but I often forget about binding, and I don't have a very large stash, so inevitably, I am going back to the store for either or both when I'm ready to baste/bind.

I've also been working on my Swoon blocks and I really like the way they are coming out. 

And in spare moments I've been working again on my Dancing Triangles quilt - almost have all the pink, green, orange and purple piecing done - then on to red, blue and yellow!


  1. YOur swoon blocks are very nice. I never buy a back and binding fabric when I purchase the top fabric, unless it is a baby quilt or very small. I have to feel the inspiration of what I want the back to look like. I have lots to pick from in my stash, but I'm not afraid to go purchase more. My last quilt, I used 1/2 cotton, and 1/2 flannel for the back, cuz it's just "what I had". We've used it on our bed through the winter. My husband gets the flannel side since he's colder natured than me. You just never know what you'll learn next. But I find that if I do purchase backing fabric early on, either I change my mind, or forget about it :0

  2. I don't plan ahead either.