Monday, September 10, 2007

WIPs - mini update

Just a quickie tonight....

I seem to have finally conquered the gauge monster on mom's sweater, and it is moving along. Now I just hope it fits!

Hubbo's granddad is in the hospital (he fell on Friday, the day before his 95th birthday, and they're not entirely sure what's wrong.) - and his feet are freezing. Felted Clogs (with Tech colors, of course) to the rescue! I'm hoping to get these done quickly, though I'd rather he get out of the hospital before I finish.

Why hubbo's photo thing keeps insisting on rotating photos I didn't want to be sideways boggles the mind.
And in random news, I got a cute new purse this Big Lots, of all places. I tell ya, it really is my favorite store.


  1. Isn't it great to be able to whip out something warm for someone who has cold feet? He will so appreciate those clogs. I used to live close to a Big Lots; I love it too!

  2. Why does gauge like to give us such a hard time? The sweater looks like it's well on it's way now though. Here's hoping Hubbo's granddad is feeling better and back home soon.

  3. Oh, those will be warm and cheery clogs - but I do hope he's out of the hospital by the time they're done!

  4. Sweet idea on the clogs. But I really just loved the sub title about a "quickie tonight" and it'll keep making me giggle all day especially since my husband is out of town!!

  5. I love that clogs pattern. Have fun! And best of health to hubbo's grandad.

  6. Ah, the gauge monster is on the rampage again. Glad you are taming him! I hope your hubby's granddad is home very soon and back to health. Those bright red clogs will be so cheery for him!

    I left a few suggestions for sock yarn on your previous post -- not sure if you get the comments emailed to you in blogger or if you knew it was there. Great purse!!