Wednesday, November 08, 2006

WIP Wednesday

I've just got a handful of projects on the needles, so I thought maybe a rundown of their progress would be helpful (for any of you who care).

Central Park Hoodie - the back is done! Woo! I would really like to have this done for Christmas (since it's green and all), so I'll keep working on it at a fairly steady pace.

Licorice Whip - sadly, I had to rip out the sleeve AGAIN tonight, as this time it was too small. Argh. So I spent the evening ripping back and starting again. I'd really like to have this done for Thanksgiving dinner, so I see quite a few nights on sleeve island ahead of me. Hopefully these will go better than the past few attempts.

Plain Green Socks - stalled at the gusset of the second sock. What can I say. Boring. Don't like the yarn. Don't want to work on them. So I don't.

Green and Pink Trekking socks - thisclose to the heel flap of the second sock. I'd love to have these done, but since it's supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow, wool socks are not an immediate necessity.

Leaf Lace Shawl - I'd really like to have this done. It'd be so lovely to wear to church on Christmas Eve. We'll see. I just can't seem to make any progress as each row is over 300 stitches and I have to concentrate on it. But I want it done already!

Rib & Cable Socks - one done, one not cast on yet. Love the pattern, love the yarn. Would love to wear these soon.

Log Cabin Blanket - in timeout.

Gift socks #2 - First sock is through the gusset. Must knit faster.

Hubbo's Trekking socks - in the cuff.

Red Scarf - not much recent progress. Will work on soon.

Gift Scarf #2 - one ball of yarn down. Five to go.

Lacy Scallops socks - no recent progress. Very pretty, but also low on the priority list.

Dino - barely started. Need to finish.

Grey socks - I actually worked on these a bit last week. I like the pattern, but also low on the priority list.

P word socks - Pretty. Low on priority list.

Regia bamboo socks - Very nice. Love the yarn. Nice for mindless knitting.

Anastasia socks - cuff done. Ready to power through them, but low on the list.

Spey Valley socks - barely cast on.

My So Called Scarf - a few rows done. Enjoy the pattern, but for me, not a gift, so not a priority.

Glastig Hat - barely cast on.

Dublin Bay Socks - through the cuff.

Secret Gift Knit - half done.

Hubbo's Sweater - absolutely no progress.

Gift Socks #3 - through the cuff.

Whew. Enough projects for you? Yikes. Still powering through, in the finishing race. Must get things off needles.

What's on your list?


  1. Whoa, that's quite a WIP list! I find the more I have to work on, the more presured I feel. So I put a bunch of my projects in the craft room, and only have two main ones in my knitting basket to work faithfully on. Clapotis. And socks with Scout's Daisy yarn. Both are lovely, so I've been inspired to work on them. :)

  2. That CP Hoody is gonna be gorgeous! I can't wait to see it.

  3. After working on my first attempt at a sock for a week and a half I am in total awe that you really finish these puppies!!! I tried 4 needles, then 5 and then switched to 2 very short round needles - much better. The yarn is soooo thin and I knit all evening and I feel I am making no progress at all! I am fairly determined to finish, but this will undoubtably be my most expensive pair of socks ever! HA!!

  4. Wow. Seeing your WIP list makes me feel really good about mine, LOL! My active WIP's are the new toddler cabled sweater, new socks (just finished ribbing on sock 1), a pair of socks on magic loop (now into the foot, worked cuff down), Clapotis (have dropped 4 ladders of sts so far), oh, and I have one sleeve left to go on a toddler sweater for Children in non-active WIP's are Scribble Lace, a Harry Potter scarf, a garterlac dishcloth, the Ariann cardigan and some socks.

  5. Oh my heavens! Nothing like a few projects . . . keep those boring green socks for reading or something.

  6. Good grief, I got tired just reading all the starte projects. And I thought I was bad, I have 5 things on the go. Good luck with them all.