Sunday, April 06, 2008

Single Sock Syndrome Strikes Again!

Sorry 'bout that break in posting - first I didn't have pictures, then I didn't have a cord to connect camera to computer, then Sock Madness round 2 started and I didn't have time to blog. I did finish my first sock on Friday (after working all week and being struck down with allergies), but sadly, I am out as of last night. :( On the upside, I am half a sock away from having a pair, and I love the pattern and yarn, so I'm happy with my new pair-to-be of socks. And, if I like the upcoming patterns, I'll probably keep knitting along. We'll see though, since I have some April goals to meet.

I did better than I hoped on my March goals, even though I totally sucked at them. Too much Sock Madness and housework over Spring Break really interfered with the knitting time.

March Goals:
Finish Log Cabin Blanket - DONE
Finish Embossed Leaves socks - one done
Finish Child's First socks - one done
Finish the peppermint socks - one done
Finish Devon - DONE
Work on Icarus (get through the repeats of chart 1) - DONE
Work on Rogue (up to the armholes?) - nope
Finish one front of Bristow - nope
Finish one front of Cambridge Jacket - nope
Finish front of Salina - nope
Work on Buttony - nope
Work on Isobel - a few rows
Finish half of mystery knit - 1/4 done
Finish one Solstice Slip sock - not touched

April Goals -

Finish Flore
Finish Embossed Leaves
Finish Child's First Socks
Finish peppermint socks
Finish Icarus
Sock Madness - I'm out already!
Shop model
LSU baby hat
Work on baby blanket
Start something for the baby
Work on Salina
Blog at least 2x week

I'd really like to work more Project Spectrum into my knits, but I'm trying (for the most part) to finish, and not start things. So we'll see. My April Goals are much more manageable than my March (and February), so I hope I can finish some things.

I'm looking forward to finishing Icarus so I can start some new lace projects. I have all the repeats of Chart 1 done, so it's just 3 small charts and I'm done! I think these charts will go much more quickly, not just because they are "shorter" but because they are more interesting than chart 1.

It also appears that I've joined the single sock movement again, since I have four lonely single socks right now.

Embossed Leaves and Reversai

Child's First Sock and Peppermint sock

However, all but Embossed Leaves have a mate started, so there is hope for them (and me) yet. I've really been enjoying the patterned sock lately, so I'm hoping to see more of those in the near future. We'll see though, with all these baby knits coming up!

OK - I've got to complete goal #1 today, as it is for a birthday present that I have to deliver this afternoon. I'll try to keep up with that last goal - with the nice weather and sunshine, picture taking is much easier, so hopefully that will help. Have a great Sunday!


  1. What are you talking about? Those sock pairs look great together. No second socks needed!

  2. Ha Ha I'm with Theresa. It's incrdible to me how much knitting you get done every month. Plus your stuff looks so nice. I'm looking at my feet right now, and my latest socks are so droopy.

  3. Ok, I'm impressed by how much of your March goals you achieved!! And like Caroline, I'm boggled by how much knitting you get done each month. How do you manage it?

  4. Welcome back! I'm with Theresa though - feet are like identical twins: spooky when dressed alike.

    (Never mind me. I don't know what I am talking about.)

    But they're real pretty!

  5. I love your goal posts (har har). I'm a list kinda girl, for sure. Good luck with April :)

  6. Good luck! I hope you finished your gift in time.