Sunday, November 11, 2007

What I've been up to

Prepare yourselves: I've ripped some projects. Still breathing? OK.

Last Sunday, with my extra hour, I ripped. Ripped and ripped and ripped. Off the needles? Kyoto, the grey hat, mystery stole, Myrtle Leaf Shawl, 2 secret projects, the Somewhat Cowl, Jumbo Elephant and my sock log cabin blanket. Whew.

Of course, I had to start some new projects, but I don't feel guilty about them since they're both gifts.

Snowman Hat from Itty Bitty Hats for a Christmas baby, and another Sophie (someday I'll get sick of this pattern. Someday).

So, this brings up the question: What am I knitting for Christmas?

Socks: done
Sophie: done
Dishcloths: done
Bottle Cozie: done
baby hat: done
Sweater for hubbo: in progress
Scarf for The Girl's teacher: yarn bought
Scarf for friend at school: started
Socks: yarn bought
Slippers: started
Socks: started
Slippers: yarn bought
Hat: yarn bought
Hat: not started
Scarf: started
Sophie: started
Baby Hat: started
Baby Hat: yarn bought
Slippers: not started
Hat: not started
Kid's Hat: not started
Ornaments: not started

Whew. Writing it all down like that sure seems like a lot. And I'm sure that there are thing's I'm forgetting, but for now, that's it. And that's plenty. I've also got some sewing to do, but I'll post more about that after the holidays.

So, what are you knitting for Christmas?


  1. Wow - that's a big step for you! My list is on my blog, I think you saw. Not quite as ambitious as you . . .

  2. Oh the high that comes with major ripping!! You feel so FREE and unencumbered!

  3. Your ripping is inspirational! Congratulations for taking that step forward and freeing yourself up. Looks like you've got plenty of other projects to keep you going. LOL

  4. Congrats! But dang, your list of holiday knitting scares me. :)