Friday, April 29, 2005

TV Time

So, since my knitting progress is decidedly boring - after swatching four times (with four different sized needles) I finally got gauge for Amy's project, and I'm chugging right along, but no pics, so as to not spoil the pattern - let's talk TV.

Lost: "flashback" episode this week sucked, but they did say starting next week is the first of four new episodes, so that is exciting! Unfortunately, I saw the "scenes from next week" which I try to avoid, as I don't want to know too much. So I won't say anything, but it should be interesting.

Desperate Housewives: see Lost.

Veronica Mars: Love her with Logan, hate that she left Logan on the boat alone. I just hope he didn't have anything to do with her rape (other than being the distributor of the drugs, which I suppose is bad enough). Kind of don't want too much to be "solved" this season, so we have meaty episodes in the fall.

Gilmore Girls: Want to hate her with Logan, but everytime I think he's a jerk, he shows up at her door, and pulls me back in. Worried that a big fight is imminent with Lorelai over Logan. Want more of Luke and Lorelai. Sick of Dean - make him go away.

So, can you tell how I spend my time? However, I am knitting, so all is not a loss.

Must go to bed so I can get up and be at Hancock's at 9:30 for the sale (cotton ease, here I come!)

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