Monday, February 20, 2012

Skirts for the girls

As one of my first Kids Clothing Week items of business, I whipped up some skirts for my girls.
Stripey Skirt

I made these very simply. I measured each girl's waist and doubled it for the width of the skirt. Measured them waist to knee and added 2 inches for the hem and waistband.

Sunflowers Skirt

I whacked a bunch of them out from stash fabric and batch sewed them up. Ironed the hems and sewed them first then did the waistbands.

Penguin Skirt

I found it to be super quick to do a bunch of these at once. I used one inch elastic in Samantha's skirts and 3/4 or half in Ellie's (whatever I had on hand).

Purple Skirt

I have lots more fabric set aside to make more things for them - dresses and skirts.

Purple Skirt

I couldn't resist this cowgirl fabric since we live in Cowtown! :)
Cowgirl Skirt

See more of the skirts (including Ellie's which mostly match Samantha's and are not pictured here) in my flickr set:

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  1. Love all the skirts. Did you make any for yourself to match?