Saturday, November 15, 2008

Knitted Gifties

Finally! A post showing (most of) the cute handmade gifts bambino received from my sweet friends. 
My mom knit her first socks! Yippee for her! They will look very cute with bambino's xmas dress!
Blanket from my LYS lovelies - the color is way off, but lord knows how long it would take me to post this if I wait to take another picture. :) Each square has tiny footprints on it, and the colors are the same as the nursery colors - we love it!
Cutest crocheted dress I've ever seen! From my sweet friend Debora. Can't wait until spring when she can wear this! (Color is off here too a bit.)
Adorable sweater from my friend Angel - her first knitted garment! This is hubby's favorite gift, which I find amusing, since he hates froo-froo stuff. There is a cute hood back there too. 
And a sweet, sweet dress, knitted by the Longhorn Diva herself! Adorable dress, booties and hairband. Can't wait to dress her up in this this winter! 

I'm totally spoiled, as there are more blankets (knitted and crocheted), bibs, a cute clock, a quilt..... I love how I've discovered all these talented people just by having a baby! Many of my friends and co-workers have gifted us handcrafted things, and I just treasure them. Knowing how special these things are to me, makes it worth all the effort I put into gifts. 

More knitting from my needles soon!


  1. Knitter's babies are so lucky!

  2. That crocheted dress is SO cute!

  3. geez, sam is going to be the diva of knits