Friday, October 12, 2007

Stress can kill. Or make you start a lot of projects

We all have seen how I dealt with the kitchen stress this summer.

School stress has been at severe levels for the past two weeks or so (really, all year), so you can imagine what I did last week. Besides the three new scarves, it is apparently sweatertober as well.

Wicked started in Malabrigo. Can we all say YUM? (Hubbo really wanted to know why my book was in the picture. 'Cause I'm reading it and knitting it! Duh!)

Union Square Market Pullover (three million stitches on eeensy needles - this one may take years).

Bristow (something easy for when hubbo's around and I can't work on his sweater).

Somewhat Cowl (because it's pretty)

Where are the folks in the white jackets?

I did finish some socks this week, but since it is o'dark thirty, and I have a four hour inservice tonight (after school - just what I want to do on a Friday), and all day tomorrow, and hubbo has a soccer game tomorrow night, it will probably be Sunday before I can take their picture. It's probably better that way - it will allow me to take pictures of everything else I start this weekend.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry school isn't letting up for you!

    But I think you're handling the stress pretty well. There are worse substances to be addicted to, and they are nowhere near as pretty. :)

  2. Wow, it certainly is sweatertober. I hate weekend workshops. Teaching is not what it used to be...
    It looks like you are coping well, with lots of knitting to take away the stress.

  3. You are my startitis hero!

  4. Pretty yarns. I hope they are making up for the school stress with their squooshiness?

  5. Could we have a total project tally here? 'Cos I'm thinking you must have about 42 things on the needles...